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Station Betterment Project

Wads Station Betterments

Wadsworth Station Bridge Betterments

Photo credit: RTD

Oak Betterments

Oak Street Station Betterments



The Station Betterment project, found within the West Colfax Avenue Corridor reinvestment area, was designated in 2008. It allows for the funding of improvements to light rail stations at Wadsworth Boulevard and Oak Street. Station improvements include expanded shelter areas, increased seating, native materials and unique designs. Construction of the betterments was completed with the opening of the West Rail Line in April 2013.

The Station Betterment project was vetted through a citizens’ advisory group, comprised of community members who made an official recommendation to the LRA Board of Commissioners to designate it as an urban renewal project. The project is intended to protect light rail commuters from the elements, increase aesthetic views and attract development.  The project is designed to announce to commuters their arrival into Lakewood, help establish an identity for the city, while reflecting the uniqueness of the community. Station improvements will contribute to future reinvestment potential in the W light rail area.

Project Summary



Locations   Wadsworth Station and Oak Station 
Scope            Station Improvements

Upgraded design
Additional canopy protection from elements
Greater illumination
Upgraded windscreens and benches
Sustainable features
Upgraded landscaping




Contact Information:

Lakewood Reinvestment Authority
480 S. Allison Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 303-987-7050