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Homeless Coalition applies for Federal Center property


Information about the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless proposal

  • The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has applied to acquire 59 acres of land on the Federal Center in Lakewood for providing services to people who are homeless. 
  • Even though the Federal Center is in Lakewood, the federal government owns the 59 acres.
  • The 59 acres extend north from the tracks for W line light rail operated by the Regional Transportation District to West Sixth Avenue.
  • The process is occurring between the homeless coalition and the federal government. The federal government has the sole authority to approve or deny the coalition’s proposal, and the final decision is expected this spring.
  • Lakewood has no authority to regulate the current or future use of federally owned land. It also has no authority to be involved in the decision by the federal government to transfer the property.
  • The coalition has provided details of the proposal to Lakewood, and Lakewood officials have conveyed their desire for inclusive and extensive notification and public input on this proposal.

Contacts for Questions & Comments

  • Questions and comments about the coalition’s proposal can be provided to Cathy Alderman, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, at 303-293-2217.
  • Comments and questions can be provided to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service at 301-443-2265 or

Documents & More Information

Coalition's Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

Video of statement provided by Coalition president/CEO to Lakewood City Council

Written statement of Coalition president/CEO to Lakewood City Council

Coalition's application for the federal property


Federal Center website

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless website



Posted on: Tuesday, January 09, 2018