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UPDATES: Homeless Coalition proposal

Lakewood was notified that the U.S. Health and Human Services Department denied the application submitted by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless for its proposal to use 59 acres on the Federal Center. 


Future developments in the case may be updated below. Updates about the status of the land will be available from the property owner, the U.S. General Services Administration.


June 25, 2018:
Video -- City Attorney Tim Cox reports to City Council that a federal judge denied the homeless coalition's request for preliminary injunction against sale of the land. 

Previous information about the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless proposal:

  • See the fact sheet about the coalition's original proposal, including how Lakewood responded to the proposal.
  • The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless applied to use 59 acres of land on the Federal Center, which is in Lakewood. 
  • The federal government owns the 59 acres, and it has determined the land is excess or surplus property it no longer needs. The land lies north of West Second Place and south of West Sixth Avenue near Union Boulevard.
  • The coalition’s application proposed a two-phase redevelopment of the 59 acres that would create a campus for emergency shelter, transitional housing and services for those who are homeless.
  • The application process occurred between the homeless coalition and the federal government. The federal government had the sole authority to approve or deny the coalition’s proposal.
  • Lakewood has no authority to regulate the current or future use of federally owned land. Lakewood also has no authority to be involved in the federal government's decision about the coalition's application.
  • City officials asked the coalition to conduct an inclusive and extensive community discussion to consult with Lakewood residents about the proposal, and the City has requested that the federal government respect the numerous years and extensive public participation involved in developing several plans for how this area should be developed.

Documents & More Information



Contacts for Questions & Comments

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Cathy Alderman
Vice President of Communications and Public Policy

U.S. Health and Human Services Department
Theresa Ritta
Real Property Management Services
301-443-6672 or 301-443-2265

General Service Administration
Rich Stebbins
Public Affairs
GSA Rocky Mountain Region

Colorado Department of Health and Environment
David Walker
Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Unit

Posted on: Tuesday, March 27, 2018