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Article I - General Provisions

1.1 Name and Boundaries
The municipal corporation presently incorporated as the City of Lakewood, Colorado, shall remain and continue as a body politic and corporate under this Charter with the same name and with the same boundaries until such boundaries are lawfully changed.

1.2 Powers
The City of Lakewood, hereafter referred to as the "City", shall have all the power of local self government and home rule and all power possible for a municipality to have under the Constitution and laws of the State of Colorado. The enumeration of any particular power in this Charter shall not be deemed to exclude the exercise of any other power. All powers shall be exercised in the manner set forth in this Charter or, if not provided in this Charter, in such manner as shall be provided by ordinance or resolution of the City.

1.3 Prior Acts in Force
All ordinances, resolutions, rules, and regulations of the City that are in effect upon the effective date of this Charter and that are not in conflict with any provision of this Charter shall continue in full force and effect after the effective date of this Charter until repealed or amended.

1.4 Form of Government
The municipal government established by this Charter shall be the Council Manager form of government.