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14.3 Sale, Lease and Disposal of City Property

(a) The City Council may, on such terms and conditions as the City Council deems appropriate and by ordinance, without the prior approval of the registered electors of the City, except as hereafter provided, lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of public buildings, real property, or water rights held or used for any municipal purpose.

(b) Except for those parts of utilities or systems no longer useful to the operation of a utility or system, there shall be no lease or sale of water works; gasworks; geothermal systems; solar systems; electric distribution systems or other public utilities; or any real property used or held for open space or park purposes without the question of such lease or sale, and the terms and consideration therefor being submitted to a vote of the registered electors of the City at a special or regular municipal election and a favorable vote by a majority of those registered electors voting thereon.

(c) Nothing in subsection (b) above shall prohibit the City from granting utility easements across, under, or over any City property held for open space or parks purposes.