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3.01.210 Property and services taxed

There is imposed and shall be collected from every person in this City a use tax at the rate of three per cent for the privilege of storing, using, or consuming in the City any articles of tangible personal property or taxable services purchased at retail. Such use tax shall be computed in accordance with the schedules or systems set forth in the rules and regulations prescribed therefor. At least fifty percent (50%) of the additional one percent tax shall be utilized for public safety purposes, maintenance and construction of streets, and parks and recreation purposes and the balance of the additional one percent tax to be used to maintain City services and emergency fund balance. Section 3.01.080 of the Lakewood Municipal Code shall not apply to said one percent tax increase. (Ord. O-2005-26 § 4, 2005; Ord. O-91-61 § 75, 1991; Ord. O-86-104 § 17, 1986; Ord. O-85-137 § 1 (part), 1985).