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Colfax-Wadsworth Reinvestment Area

The Colfax-Wadsworth reinvestment area was designated in 1999 as a reinvestment area, and the Creekside project was deemed an urban renewal project the same year. The district is located at the northeast corner of West Colfax Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard. Once occupied by a Kmart, this site sat vacant for 10 years due to challenges associated with multiple ownership and drainage issues, despite its potential as a location with high vehicle traffic. When the area was designated as a reinvestment area, tax increment financing was used to overcome these challenges, and the site was redeveloped as Creekside Shopping Center. Creekside is now home to a 220,000 square-foot Super Wal-Mart and five pad sites, including 37,000 square feet of shops which range from restaurants to small service retail stores.

This project has spurred adjacent development, such as Home Depot and Colfax Central.

Reinvestment Area Summary

Acres                    & #160;  32    
Year Adopted 1999
Year Complete 2024
Current Project Creekside Shopping Center

Contact Information:

Lakewood Reinvestment Authority
480 S. Allison Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 303-987-7050

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