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Program Design & Management

Lakewood Head Start Sign

Program Governance

The City of Lakewood Policy Council is comprised of parent representatives, one from each of the seven classrooms, and three community representatives. The representatives are elected each fall and serve one-year terms. Each representative my serve for a total of three terms. The Policy Council meets on a monthly basis to work with the management team members, make decisions for the program and recommend action to the Advisory Committee.

Governing Board

The City of Lakewood Governing Board is the City Council.  The City Council has established an Advisory Committee to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Board.  The Advisory Committee is comprised of three elected officials that are appointed by the Mayor to serve in this capacity.  The Advisory Committee meets regularly during the year to take action and make decisions for the Head Start program. 

The Advisory Committee members and the Policy Council hold a joint meeting each February.  This meeting is used to review and approve the program goals and objectives, the budget for the next program year, and the full grant application.

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