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Parties of all kinds

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Birthday Party Packages Clements Community Center
1580 Yarrow St.
Brthday Parties at the Link Clements Community Center
Capacity: 10-40
Cost: $80-$208 per package
Capacity : 15-175
Cost: $35-$75/hr.
Lakewood Link Recreation Center
1295 S. Reed St.
Charles E. Whitlock Recreation Center
1555 Dover St.
The Link Parties of all kinds Parties of all kinds Whitlock
Capacity: 25-200
Cost: $30-$90/hr.
Capacity: 10-40
Cost: $40-$65/hr.
Carmody Recreation Center
2200 S. Kipling St.
Surfside Spray Park
5330 W. 9th Ave.
Carmody Indoor pool rental Surfside Pool Rental
Capacity: 30-100
Cost: $30-$70/hr.
Capacity: 200
Cost: $60-$68/hr.
Graham House
2345 Routt St.
Stone House
2900 S. Estes St.
Parties of all kinds Graham house Parties of all kinds The Stone House
Capacity: 40
Cost: $60-$73/hr.
Capacity: 35-100
Cost: $60-$73/hr.
Bear Creek Lake Park
15600 W. Morrison Rd.
Park Shelters
BCLP Pelican Point Shelter Addenbrooke Park Shelter for rentals
Capacity: 80-300
Cost: $60-$150/day
Capacity: 32-200
Cost: $85-$190/day


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