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Our Mission

 The Department of Employee Relations is committed to establishing and maintaining a City workforce and culture that will meet the needs of our citizens. The Department provides exceptional quality services and organizational leadership in all employee-relations disciplines. The City of Lakewood is committed to creating an environment in which all employees can thrive. We are inclusive and welcome employees from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We value diverse thoughts and opinions, and want to attract employees that mirror our community.


Lakewood Culture

Look at the culture and community found within the City of Lakewood; learn what makes this city unique and discover Lakewood's appeal.


Application Process

The City uses an online application. Learn how to apply for a job through Neogov and prepare for a successful job search by viewing these videos.

Online Application Process Video

Market Yourself Video


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How do I apply for a job with the City?
How can I be sure my application was received?
What happens after I submit my application?
How can I check the status of my application(s)?
How do I attach a cover letter and resume to my application?
May I submit an application for a job that is not advertised?
May I apply only with a resume and cover letter?
What if I don’t have a computer?
What if I don't have Internet access?
What should I do if I forget my username or password?
In the job posting, what does "Continuous" mean?
What are Supplemental Questions?
How do I apply to become a City of Lakewood Police Agent/Officer?
Can my saved application be used to apply for future jobs?
How long will it take to fill a position?
How can Economic Development help with my job search?
What internships do you offer?


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