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Speed Limits

These are the speed limits in the City of Lakewood:

  • 25 mph in a business district
  • 30 mph in a residential district
  • 15 mph in an alley  


The City engineer may increase or decrease the speed limit on city streets if there are road features that affect safety. For example, the speed limit on Garrison St. is 35 mph except in those sections that have multiple driveways with access to the street. In those areas, the speed limit is 30.


Traffic engineers may post other speed limits—those between 25 and 55 miles per hour.  But these speed limits are always based on traffic engineering studies that include an analysis of roadway conditions, crash history and the typical speed of prudent drivers. 

Studies show that motorists tend to pay little attention to speed limit signs they consider unreasonable unless there is a very high degree of enforcement by police. The majority of drivers will disregard speed limits that are set too low.

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