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Bear Creek Lake Park closed

Bear Creek Lake Park at 15600 W. Morrison Road is now closed for the day because of flooding and rising waters along Bear Creek.

While the campground remains open for those who made reservations, campers should call the park before arriving to determine if the status of the campground changes.

Please call 303-697-6159 for updates on when the park will reopen or visit and

Flood water now covers some of the roads in the park, and Bear Creek is rising to a level that creates safety concerns for the bridge in the park that spans the creek.

On Thursday afternoon, the Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the dam in the park, closed the gates on the dam that allow the water to flow downstream from the dam. The gates were closed to curtail flooding downstream, but the water level in the reservoir rose significantly overnight as a result and will continue to rise until the gates are reopened. 

Photo shows flooding in the area of the parking lot for the boat launch at the reservoir in Bear Creek Lake Park.
Posted on: Friday, September 13, 2013