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City closes at 11 a.m. March 13 because of blizzard



The City of Lakewood is closing nonessential operations at 11 a.m. today because of blizzard conditions.


The closures include Municipal Court, the Lakewood Cultural Center and the Heritage Center. The following facilities will close at noon:


The city’s four recreation centers.

Clements Community Center for older adults, and the VOA meal is canceled.

City’s permit counter.


Updates will be available at, on Twitter at @LakewoodColo, at and on cable channels 8 and 880.


All city snowplow crews are working and focusing on priority routes in Lakewood, which are arterial and major collector streets. The high rate of snowfall and wind conditions will require the crews to continue to plow the priority routes, which means other streets might not be plowed until later.


Heavy winds and wet snow could also cause snow to build up on traffic signals or create power outages that result in obscured or dark traffic signals. Under state law, motorists should treat any obscured or dark traffic signals as an all-way stop. That means that traffic approaching an intersection from all directions is required to stop before proceeding through the intersection.


Drivers should increase visibility to other drivers by turning on headlights.





Posted on: Wednesday, March 13, 2019