How to Create a Quality NPP Application

Be sure your application includes:

  •  A completed application form.
  • At least five signatures of support from your neighborhood.
  • A description detailing how the project meets selection criteria.
  • Sketches of the project (if possible).
  • An accurate description of the project location.

Avoid the most common application pitfalls:

The project must have a clear benefit to the neighborhood. 
  • Projects that only benefit a few individuals will not be considered.
Be sure the project is located on public property
  • When considering projects on school properties, please contact City of Lakewood.
  • Quasi-public land, like homeowners association common property, require the dedication of a permanent easement to the City of Lakewood.  
Be sure the project cost is under $50,000.  
  • Talk with City of Lakewood staff for assistance with cost estimates.
  • Less costly projects generally have a better chance of receiving funding.  
Be sure the scope and description of the project is clear.

It is difficult to put a dollar value on vague ideas.

  • It is impossible to build a project without a specific location.
  • Specific instructions and descriptions should be included in the application.
Be sure the project clearly meets as many program criteria as possible.
  • Describe in detail how the project meets each criteria.
  • Matching funds add significant value to the project ranking.
  • Labor generally does not count as matching contributions.
  • Irrigating live plants adds to installation and maintenance costs.
  • The more signatures, the better.  

Remember applications are not considered for projects falling under the scope of another City program. These include:

  • Sidewalk repair.
  • Speed humps.
  • Street paving or repair.
  • Traffic signals, signs or enforcement.

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