Lakewood Moves


October 29, 2013
City Council Chambers | 480 S. Allison Parkway

How do transportation and land use work together to create a more livable city? How should Lakewood plan for future growth and encourage the development of a multimodal transportation system? 


Lakewood Moves was held to gather feedback on planning approaches for integrating the automobile, pedestrians, bicyclists and public transportation users into a sustainable city.


Gideon Berger is an urban planner with 8 years of experience in the public, non-profit and private sectors whose practice has focused on using transportation infrastructure to help communities achieve their broader goals. Gideon directs the Rose Fellowship program at the Urban Land Institute in Washington, DC.

Crissy Fanganello is the current Director for the City & County of Denver's Policy, Planning & Sustainability division and a member of the Executive Management Team for the Department of Public Works. Ms. Fanganello has been with the City since 2005, working tirelessly on the development, funding and implementation of a robust multimodal transportation system for Denver and the Region.


Summary and Survey Results

Summary for Lakewood Moves


Participants and residents were able to respond to questions about Lakewood's economy via paper or online surveys. Below are the results:


Survey Results - Lakewood Moves


Open House Materials


Slides for Gideon Berger and Crissy Fanganello


Open House Presentation Boards



Mobility barriers map comments


Transportation vision comments