Moving Forward - Kick-Off Open House


September 18, 2013
Lakewood Cultural Center | 470 S. Allison Parkway

What kind of city should Lakewood be in 2025? What are the future demographic trends, and how will they affect Lakewood and the region? How can Lakewood respond to the changing climate? 


Moving Forward was held to identify what residents appreciate about Lakewood, what could make Lakewood better, and how Lakewood should accommodate future growth and address demographic changes.


Teri Whitmore is the Regional Planning and Operations Director for the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG). DRCOG fosters regional cooperation among county and municipal governments in the Denver metropolitan area. DRCOG works to address the region’s challenges and to protect the quality of life in the region.

Christopher Duerksen is a land use lawyer with Clarion Associates. Mr. Duerksen has represented local governments, nonprofits and the private sector in land-use and zoning matters and specializes in a number of areas including natural resources and protection of scenic areas.


Summary and Survey Results

Summary for Moving Forward


Participants were able to share their vision for Lakewood via paper or online surveys. Below are the results: 

Survey Results - Moving Forward


Open House Materials

Speaker Presentations

Teri Whitmore - "DRCOG and Regional Planning"


Slides for Teri Whitmore




Christopher Duerksen - "Saving the World Through Planning and Zoning"


Slides for Christopher Duerksen


Open House Presentation Boards


Participants were able to share their vision on a timeline of major events in Lakewood

Feedback from timeline (8.5x11)

Lakewood Timeline (large)