Overview of the Project

The Comprehensive Plan is a 10-year vision and road map for land use, transportation and economic development and identifies policies and goals to achieve that vision. The plan provides critical guidance by articulating what community members want to see in their city and how they want their values reflected in the choices City officials make.  Included in the final document will be policy goals for land use, neighborhoods, economic development, and transportation.


The Sustainability Plan will be a separate document that provides specific goals for issues such as reducing vehicle miles traveled, waste reduction and energy conservation.  It will create a blueprint for Lakewood to become more resource and energy efficient, to meet ecological and economic challenges and to protect vital resources like our air, water, climate and ecosystems. It’s the first step in a process to make sure Lakewood is able to maintain the resources that we need, not only to survive, but to maintain a good quality of life.


Why is the Comprehensive Plan being updated?

Planning is a process that requires continual refinement over time. Changes have occurred in Lakewood and Metro Denver since the City's current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2003. Lakewood needs an updated plan that allows us to remain competitive in ways that meet the needs of current and future residents.

How the Comprehensive Plan is Used

The Planning Commission and City Council use the Comprehensive Plan as the framework for decision-making regarding future development and redevelopment in Lakewood. Changes to the Zoning Ordinance and rezonings must all be reviewed within the context of conformity with the Comprehensive Plan.