Plans and Projects Underway

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Comprehensive and Sustainability Plans

The City has begun a planning process to update the Comprehensive Plan and develop it's first Sustainability Plan, two essential documents that lay out the vision for the city’s future.  Now in Phase II, the planning process for both plans kicked off last Fall with a series of open houses to solicit community input.

Sheridan Station Catalytic Project/20-Minute Neighborhood Strategy

The purpose of the Sheridan Station 20-Minute Neighborhood Implementation Strategy is to build upon the adopted Lakewood and Denver Sheridan Station area plans and take them to the next level for implementation. The 20-minute neighborhood concept is to create and enhance neighborhoods where residents have easy, convenient access by walking or bicycling to many of the places and services they use daily.

This project is an effort of the West Line Corridor Collaborative, a multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency partnership of public and private agencies coordinating efforts to attract quality investment and support livable communities along the West Line light rail corridor in Denver, Lakewood and Jefferson County. The project is funded through the DRCOG Sustainable Communities Initiative.