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Sector Liaison Unit

The Sector Liaison Unit is a crime prevention team driven to improve the quality of life for Lakewood residents through education, directed intervention, enforcement and mediation.  Sector Liaison Agents are acquainted with home and business owners, understand the dynamics of specific neighborhoods, track crime trends and work with citizens to resolve community problems.   The unit is also responsible for administering a variety of crime prevention programs.


“Sector-Based Policing provides our agents with a better understanding of the problems within the community,” said former Lakewood Police Chief Kevin Paletta. “It allows police officers and citizens to work together to identify and solve the quality-of-life and crime problems that affect everyone. It is a more effective policing philosophy that has proven to reduce crime in our city.”


Please use the information below to contact the members of the sector liaison unit via email or phone.


North (Above 6th Ave)

Dave Smidt 303-987-7383 

Justin Robertson 303-987-7197


South (Below 6th Ave)

Dutch Smith 303-987-7382

Lee Thomas  303-987-7387

Chad Martinez  303-987-7385


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