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Street and Sidewalk Repair

Workers Laying Asphalt

The Maintenance Division repairs potholes, seals pavement cracks, patches street failures and resurfaces many miles of Lakewood streets each year. Pothole repairs are completed as soon as practical, and other street repairs are prioritized and completed as resources allow. Resurfacing is scheduled several years in advance.  The process includes sealcoats which seal streets and prolong their useful life, asphalt overlays on streets that have fallen into disrepair, and curb, gutter and sidewalk repairs.


List of Streets Scheduled for Resurfacing

Map of Streets Scheduled for Resurfacing


Street resurfacing includes:

Streets that are in fair to good condition are patched and crack sealed to repair any failed areas. Then a sealcoat is applied to the street's entire surface area to seal it from the effects of weathering and to extend its service life.

Asphalt Resurfacing or Overlay
Streets where pavement is failing are first rotomilled to prevent excessive buildup of asphalt at the edges and crowns of streets. Next, crews patch any failed street areas.  Then they spread a layer of asphalt ranging from 1 to 2 inches thick over the street to restore a good riding surface and build up the pavement structure, giving it more strength. 

Workers doing street repairs with mixer


Concrete repairs
Badly deteriorated sections of curbs, gutters, sidewalks and drainage crosspans are removed and replaced on streets that are scheduled to be resurfaced.  Concrete repairs are also completed on streets that are not scheduled for resurfacing in the current year. These repairs are limited to areas where trip hazards or other dangerous conditions exist.

For more information on the street and sidewalk repair program or to report a pothole and other street repair needs, please visit Request Lakewood below.

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