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Speed Humps

Speed Hump and Car rev

Can I Get a Speed Hump Installed on My Street?

First of all, speed humps can only be installed on "local" roads, those roads that have a speed limit of 30 miles per hour or less and carry low volumes of traffic. In order for a speed hump to be installed, a local street must meet the criteria listed in Speed Hump Resolution 2000-98.


While a speed hump can be useful in slowing traffic on a local street, there are also effects that some residents find undesirable. You may find the information in Pros and Cons of Speed Humps informative.


Once the Traffic Engineering Division receives a written request for a speed hump, a traffic study is conducted. If the study shows that a street meets the minimum requirements for traffic volume and speed violation, then the resident requesting the speed hump would be sent a petition to be circulated among the residents of the street.


A minimum of 95 percent of the households in the block where the speed hump is requested must sign the petition and 80 percent must be in favor of the hump for the street to be eligible.


The installation costs associated with speed humps are shared 50/50 with one-half paid by homeowners in the defined block. The City pays the other half. A fixed cost that includes the cost of labor and materials to install the speed hump, related signs and pavement markings is established annually by the City. Current cost is approximately $1500.


If you would like to begin the procedure, please complete and submit the online request form at the upper right.   



PLEASE NOTE:  You must live on a street in order to request a speed hump on that street.

How Do I Get A Speed Hump Removed?

Sometimes residents find the noise generated by vehicles going over speed humps annoying and disturbing, especially at night when they are trying to sleep. If you would like to have a speed hump on your street removed, the process is similar to that for installation.


You will find complete information in the removal request section in the City's Speed Hump Policy above. Please submit a request through Request Lakewood to begin the process.

If the removal is approved by homeowners on the block originally defined for installation, those homeowners must pay the entire cost of removal, which is the cost of installation for the current year. At this time that cost is $1500.


If the street is scheduled to be resurfaced during the construction season following approval, the speed hump will be removed at the City's cost.

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