Stormwater Management Utility

Improvements to Lakewood’s stormwater system reduce flooding and damage to homes and businesses, and they also help cut future maintenance costs. But the list of improvements to be made is long.

How would you feel about speeding up those improvements?

Tell us your thoughts about increasing the stormwater service charge for a faster fix on stormwater projects. Use one of the ways below:

  • Submit your comments and photos online by clicking on the button below
  • Contact your City Council members directly
  • Call 303-987-7941


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Street Flooding

Flooding along Lakewood Gulch in Summer 2013





Details to consider for a faster stormwater fix

Current Stormwater Utility Information

Stormwater service charge payment information

Rates and Charges

Stormwater Quality 

REPORT SPILLS OR ILLEGAL DUMPING into stormwater drainage system

  • Email, or call 303-987-7111



  • Call 303-987-7950


Other Helpful Links  

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Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual

Call before you dig - Utility Notification Center of Colorado


Contact Information:

Public Works Department
Civic Center North Building
480 S. Allison Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 303-987-7500

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