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Three new Lakewood neighborhoods have joined the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program in 2013

Welcome aboard: 

Southern Gables
Lake Lochwood Village

Stay tuned for information!

Lakewood’s Sustainable Neighborhoods Program gives residents the opportunity to become active partners in making Lakewood a vibrant and sustainable community. Neighborhoods participating in this unique certification program use guidance from City staff to organize workshops, projects and events that enhance the livability of their neighborhood and reduce residents' ecological footprint. Participating neighborhoods earn program credits for their efforts and, depending on the number of credits earned in a given year, they may receive City designation as a “Participating Sustainable Neighborhood” or an “Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhood” from the City.


Program participation can enhance the environmental and social strength of a neighborhood while demonstrating commitment to sustainability in Lakewood. In addition, the participation benefits may include recognition from City Council, neighborhood signage, education and an increased sense of community. 


To learn more about the program, check out the video below and then visit the Goal and Target Areas page and the Certification Requirements page. 

Program Overview (printable brochure)




Program Overview Video

Contact Information:

Sustainability Planner
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