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Tree Contractor Information

Any person or company performing tree work for hire within City of Lakewood limits is required to possess a Tree Contractor’s license. Licensing is administered through the Parks Division.

Tips for Hiring a Tree Contractor

  • Check with the Parks Division about the license status of the person or company
  • Get more than one estimate
  • Ask for a written proposal that lists all the work to be performed including clean-up and hauling away of the tree debris
  • Beware of “door knockers” people who usually go door to door after storms as a way to earn quick money. They are typically non-professionals and not licensed. Most reputable tree companies have all the work they need without going door-to-door. Anyone can list themselves in a phone book or print flyers.
  • Ask to see their proof of insurance coverage.
  • Never be rushed by bargain prices or pay for tree work in advance. Common complaints received involve people who pre-pay for tree work and either the work is partially completed or never started. People who take money in advance rarely return phone calls.
Trees at Kipling Bridge

Contact Information:

Parks Division
2775 S. Estes St.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 720-963-5240

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If I need to hire a contractor to work on my trees, are there any requirements I need to be aware of?