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Wells and Ground Water


Well permits are issued by the state of Colorado. The City of Lakewood does not provide well water quality testing services.

In 1979, the City of Lakewood filed case 79CW368 in water court to appropriate or claim the rights to the ground water beneath the City of Lakewood. As part of the water court action, property owners who wanted to preserve the water rights beneath their property were given an opportunity to file a Notice of Non-Consent. If a Notice of Non-Consent was filed and recorded at the county recorder’s office, a property retained the water rights. The non-consent filing stays with the property.

As a result of the 1979 water court case, only shallow wells, less than 250 feet (deep), are allowed in the City of Lakewood. The City may consent to the State of Colorado issuing a well permit if all provisions of Chapter 13.12 are met.

Well Drilling Chapter 13.12

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