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Register Your Cell or Internet Phone with CodeRED to Receive Emergency Messages

Cell phone users and VoIP (voice over IP) customers can now register their phone numbers with the CodeRED program to receive emergency notifications from the Lakewood Police Department, just like residents with land lines.


The system works in a similar manner to what is commonly referred to as "Reverse 911." When the need exists to notify citizens in a certain area of the city, you can receive the notification on your cell phone or VoIP phone. The service, managed by the Jefferson County E911 Authority, is available to all Jefferson County residents.


In addition residents can elect to receive notification of severe weather using the CodeRED Weather Warning system.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to add additional contact information, including phone numbers, SMS (text) and email address preferences.


To register, visit the CodeRED website at:

If you do not have internet access or need assistance, contact the Communications Center at 303-987-7111.


Watch the video below to learn more.






See below for the latest CodeRED alerts:


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