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Crime Free Multi-Housing

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When criminals are allowed to operate from rental property, the complex and surrounding neighborhoods are greatly affected. Because the landlord depends upon the tenant for his livelihood, the tenant is placed in a strong position. By refusing to rent from landlords who close their eyes to illegal activity, the tenant sends a clear message that he will look further for a responsible landlord. Uncaring, irresponsible landlords will see their occupancy rates and profits decline.

The Lakewood Police Department's Community Action Team has implemented the Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program. Its goal is to train apartment owners, managers and residents about what they can do NOW to solve the problem of illegal and nuisance activity on the property.

Crime might not be entirely eliminated, but managers have found that tenants, their guests and others will not be tolerant of criminal behavior. As part of a designated crime-free property, property managers are required to complete background checks on potential tenants and use a crime-free lease addendum.  A list of fully certified properties is available by clicking on the menu links on the left side of this page.


Next class: April 17, 2019 (Registration for this event is now closed).

Location: Lakewood Police Department Training Room: 445 S Allison Pkwy.

What does this mean to residents?

  • A safer living environment is assured through a concentrated effort to reduce crime in each complex.
  • Management has implemented steps, such as background checks and a crime-free lease addendum, to ensure new residents meet stringent criteria. Criminals are NOT moving in.

How can residents help?

  • Report crimes and suspicious activity. The Police Department cannot help if it is unaware of problems.
  • Attempt to work with your neighbors regarding noise and common-area issues. If this cannot be accomplished, notify police for mediation assistance or enforcement.

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