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West Environmental Sustainability Team

Go WEST and Get Green!

Our West Environmental Sustainability Team is a partnership focused on providing videos, tips and links to help you Get Green -- how to save energy, conserve resources, use environmentally friendly products, and live a sustainable lifestyle so we all leave a green planet for future generations. Check back often for new videos and links. Learn more about our sustainability partnership.

Going green saves green and the Denver Federal Center takes that very seriously. Learn about all the sustainable activities on the campus.

More Videos & Information

 GSA elect_car Sustainability at the Denver Federal Center
Learn about all the sustainable activities on our campus. We have 624 acres of laboratory to test, evaluate and integrate sustainable practices. 

Could solar energy be part of your future? 
Learn how scientists are paving the way for more affordable energy alternatives – right here in our back yard at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory!

  Solar Information:
water Water is a precious resource.
In this video created by Red Rocks Community College, you will learn about the water cycle, ways to save water and money.
  Water Information:
Wrapping hot water heater Sustainability Starts at Home 
Being energy efficient can make you money! There are so many ways to be sustainable and it doesn't cost much to get started. Explore the links below to Get Green!
  Energy Efficiency information:

 Water Efficiency information:

 Additional Resources:


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