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City Council Agenda Notice
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Get a weekly e-notice when the agenda for the next City Council meeting is posted online, plus a look ahead at upcoming City Council meetings and topics.
Economic Development
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Weekly news and events for and about local business.
Friday Report
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Brief weekly newsletter of headlines and events around City Hall and around the community.
Heritage, Culture & the Arts
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Discover the many opportunities to participate in arts and culture at the Lakewood Cultural Center and other venues.
Lakewood Swings
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Tee up for the latest information and special deals from Lakewood's great golf courses: Fox Hollow and The Homestead.
Neighborhood Watch
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Signup to be involved in making our neighborhoods safe. This newsletter includes current crime trends, educational opportunities and timely news alerts.
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Discover Lakewood's exceptional recreational opportunities for individuals and leagues, competitive and non-competitive classes and programs for all ages.
Regional Parks
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From the top of Green Mountain to the wide-open spaces of Bear Creek Lake Park, get the news you need to enjoy Lakewood's great outdoor adventures.
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Stay informed on upcoming events, sustainability programs and our community-wide Sustainability Plan.
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Business owners and managers are encouraged to sign up for WARN (West Area Resource Network), a business crime prevention program by the Lakewood Police Department.
West Corridor Historical Rail
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Receive periodic updates about the historic Interurban Car No. 25, including the annual summer rollout.
Homeowners/Neighborhood Organization
Registered homeowners associations and neighborhood organizations can sign up for emails from the City containing fliers, posters and announcements you can download to share with your members. The fliers, posters and announcements from the City will cover topics such as festivals and performances as well as other items.

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