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New 911 service helps you protect what's important


Lakewood now has Smart 911 available, a service that allows residents to create a safety profile to provide lifesaving information to 911 dispatchers during an emergency. Sign up for this free service at create a profile for your phone number before an emergency happens.


A safety profile is created by each household and contains vital personal information that could help first responders such as police and firefighters act fast to save lives. The profile can contain critical medical information such as a heart condition, disabilities, allergies or other information to ensure that paramedics have the appropriate equipment and information to help. It also can contain how many people live in a residence, photographs of family members, where the bedrooms are located, whether anyone is in a wheelchair and descriptions of pets. These additional details can help first responders get residents the help they need.


The details you enter in the profile are secure and protected and are only provided to 911 police and fire dispatchers to give to first responders, and profile information is shared only when you or a family member call 911 in an emergency from the phone you register with Smart911. In times of duress, it can be difficult for residents to provide first responders with important information, and the Smart911 safety profile provides that information immediately.


The Jefferson County Emergency Communications Authority is funding this Smart911service, which is free to residents.


For more information on either of these services, please visit

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